DIU Pod 2

DIU Pod 2

DIU Pod 2:

DIU Japan legend Andrew joins the gang on this week’s podcast and has some questions for the former Lover Guru. Afterwards, the gang talks about Canada and what it really means to have a “Canadian identity.” We also talk about the Amazon rain forest fires from a variety of perspectives. Are world leaders being petty? Is this a problem with global implications? Tune in to this week’s episode of DIU Pod and join the discussion.

Our in-house Cantonese Ambassador continues his quest to preserve the Cantonese language in the second installment of the Cantonese corner. Jack teaches us some useful phrases for making introductions while also discussing the future path of this segment. Follow along with this post!

Loose Ends

The concept that the Amazon rain forest represents the “Earth’s lungs” has been mentioned in the media at large. However, that number may be inaccurate. To suggest that this area produces 20% of the planet’s oxygen is a gross misrepresented perpetuated by several media outlets. Check out this National Geographic piece for more details.

There was some confusion about the nature of the 20 million dollar aid package for Brazil and the circumstances surrounding the money being rejected. Of course, this story will continue to evolve as time goes on, but this article could provide some more information.

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