DIU Pod 36

DIU Pod 36

DIU Pod 36:

With protests and riots sprouting globally after the death of George Floyd, the DIU Podcast gang attempts to talk about the heavy issues surrounding racism and activism. We discuss different ideas about how Asians can support Black Lives Matter. The idea of intersectionality between Asians and Blacks has a ton of potential for discussion; much more than we can fit in a single recording. Furthermore, we can only speak on our personal experiences as Asian Canadians. 

We talk about the idea of protest and riot, and how it has been mobilized in North America. Jack compares the similarities between these protests and the ones which overtook Hong Kong last year. 

Afterwards, Gavin and Jack exchange different ideas surrounding the role of Asian Americans in the Black Lives Matter movement. Jack questions why mainstream media is not highlighting anti-Asian racism. The conversation dives into American history, race relations, media representation, and the idea of the model minority. 

We also move on to discuss the role of social media in large scale movements. For example, does posting a black image with the caption of #BlackOutTuesday contribute to the movement? The group discusses the merits of performance activism. 

At the end of the day, this is a conversation about how Asians should relate to the BLM movement. We offer no finalities; no clear-cut answer as to how Asians should react to the movement. Hopefully this conversation proved insightful – if not at least entertaining – for those who tuned in for the ride. 

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