DIU Pod 39

DIU Pod 39

DIU Pod 39:

Gavin recounts his adventures at the shopping mall after three weeks of closure. We discuss the future of the reopening society and discuss whether or not it is too early to open up shopping malls again. Jack has finally made an appointment to get a haircut. 

Gavin talks about the recent public calls to defund the police. With the recent protests and riots – bringing to surface the many incidents of police brutality against the public – the notion that police should be defunded is gaining steam. We discuss how reinvesting police funds into the community can deter crime in the future. Jack believes police need more training with de-escalating situations. 

Jack talks about a recent survey which indicate that many Chinese-Canadians feel they are experiencing discrimination because of their race during the pandemic. We look over some and discuss some of the survey’s findings. 

In the Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us some vocabulary words about this episode’s topics. Follow along the lesson by clicking here.

Loose Ends

Learn more about defunding the police (via CNN)

Camden (cast study) crime statistics (via the Philadelphia Inquirer)

Read about the survey we mentioned in regards to Chinese-Canadian racism (via Fresh Daily)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0 


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