DIU Pod 44

DIU Pod 44

DIU Pod 44:

Four men enter a studio to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The DIU Podcast gang sit down on Qixi Festival (a Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day) in this romance-filled episode. Jack and Robin talk about their recent experiences on the dating app Hinge and we try to identify why they have not been successful. We hear from DIU Pod superfan Grace for a female perspective. Check out Robin and Jack’s Hinge profiles below!

DIU Taiwan correspondent, Kyle, checks in with the team and gives us an update on his current situation. Listeners may remember Kyle’s previous update from DIU Pod 21. Tune in to hear his big announcement! 

Jack prepares a Cantonese Corner on the spot and we really hear about his experiences with the segment. Follow along the lesson by clicking here. Will we see a new segment soon? Stay tuned to find out.

Loose Ends

Check out Grace’s blog posts about her Hinge experiences:

My Dating Experience on Hinge

My 6 Dates with 6 guys on Hinge

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 


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