DIU Pod 46

DIU Pod 46

DIU Pod 46:

A lot of Asian-related issues in the burner this week as the gang start off by talking about the new live-action adaptation of Mulan. We discuss the movement to #BoycottMulan and talk about whether or not the lead actress should have publicized her support for the Hong Kong police. We also talk about the terrible treatment the Chinese government has shown towards Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. In the movie’s ending credits, Disney publicly thanks organizations in Xinjiang which are responsible for locking up the Muslim minorities in their brainwashing camps. 

The gang also talk about recent viral internet celebrity, Uncle Roger, who famously bashed BBC a BBC chef for her take on making egg fried rice. Gavin and Jack have a discussion about what it means to use a Chinese accent for comedic relief.

In the Cantonese Corner, Jack teaches us some words related to movies and this week’s topics. Click here to follow along with the lesson. 

Loose Ends

Disney criticized for filming Mulan in Xinjiang (via BBC)

Uncle Roger video (via YouTube) 

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 


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