DIU Pod 48

DIU Pod 48

DIU Pod 48:

Gavin starts the show off with an announcement that he is now an uncle. This earth shattering announcement propels the DIU host into a new light of optimism. In addition to being a new uncle, life-sized gundams and the ever-growing sandwich wars contribute to a growing faith in humanity. Jack remains depressed, as usual. 

Jack gives us an update on his Hinge adventures initially discussed on DIU Pod 44. This time, the issue is that Jack can hardly get his matches to respond to his text prompts. Is Jack doing something wrong – or are dating apps just bad? Listen in and share your opinions in the comments.

Gavin talks about the recent TikTok deal as the popular app was almost banned in the United States. President Trump suggested that TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, may secretly be stealing information from the 100 million American users of the app. We discuss the reality that all apps has the ability to steal your information and that the digital life – while convenient – is not really secure. We also hear about why Jack thinks Douyin is better than TikTok and learn that he doesn’t know what “cakes” means. 

In the Cantonese Corner, we learn three more idioms as Jack continues on his never-ending quest to spread the gospel of Cantonese. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here.

Loose Ends

Life-Size moving Gundam in Yokohama (via Complex)

What Google does when a government request your data (via ZDNet)

Jack doesn’t understand the Ty Lawson story (via SCMP)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0 

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