DIU Pod 51

DIU Pod 51:

A large group of people descend upon Jack’s basement for a special episode of DIU Podcast. Listeners may recall Jack’s retelling of his speed dating experience a few weeks ago. We strongly recommend that you listen to DIU Pod 49 before this episode.

This week, we hear from two ladies – KayKay and Natalie – who were at that very same event and get their side of the story. We also learn more information about Jack’s hiking date, why his date got mad at Jack’s offer to pay, and other juicy details surrounding Jack’s budding romance. 

We also discuss how Jack’s romantic interest feels about his constant insecurities being mentioned on the podcast, third wheeling on dates, and the importance of chivalry in dating. Let us know in the comments whether or not you think opening car doors is an important gesture. 

Afterwards, the Kao Lui Corner returns for another week as we hear the female perspective on dating. This one is for the single guys out there, so take notes! Topics include: rejecting people softly, Zoom dates and dating in 2020, and why university is the best time to chase girls. 

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Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0 

2 Replies to “DIU Pod 51”

  1. The thing with buying BBT for the girl’s friends is that it’s a status/expectation thing. If she asks you to take her friend out for something there’s an expectation that she wants to know how you treat her friends, and paying for something small like BBT shows that you care what she thinks about you and it shows you’re not cheap/poor.

    1. Valid point, you are correct.
      However, 40% is about status/ expectation and not being cheap.
      50% is about chivalry being dead in the 21 century, a guy SHOULD NOT only be a gentlemen to his love interest. He should be chivalrous/ gentlemen to ALL girls. It boost his rate of attractiveness.
      10% is the goodness of his heart.

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