DIU Pod 52

DIU Pod 52

DIU Pod 52:

Gavin retells the tales of his recent hiking adventure. Jack remains firm on his stance that hiking is a good date spot. We also revisit last week’s hot debate about paying for a mutual friend’s drink in a platonic hangout session.

Jack talks about the barrage of messages he’s been getting from friends asking about his developing love life. All the questions people have can easily be answered by listening to DIU Pod 51 – in which we interview the actual girl!!! Do people listen to the show? No! You want to learn about Jack’s love life? LISTEN TO THE SHOW DAMNIT!!!

Gavin talks about his recent furniture building escapades at IKEA. He is convinced that everyone – at some point in their lives – has or will mess up in the assembling of furniture, and that men should not be ostracized for messing up the seemingly simple process. Have you messed up in building furniture (IKEA or not)? Let us know in the comments!

After the furniture discussion, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese vocabulary related to furniture. Listen along with the lesson by clicking here

Also, stay tuned for the second all-Cantonese podcast featuring Kyle and Jack. The episode will be a website exclusive, so come back to diupod.com and check it out on October 24.

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One Reply to “DIU Pod 52”

  1. – It’s not a trap if it wasn’t deliberately plan. Let’s say that Jack’s gf could be late of coming to a social gathering and all of sudden it just happen to be Jack and gf’s friend alone. Would he pay for the friend?
    Issue #1 – Maybe Jack’s group of friends want to hear his relationship status/ experience from him on a personal level (I.e deeper questions) because there’s things that Jack cannot/ would not/ should not share to the public or in front of his gf about her. It starts off with the easier questions and then it gets deeper.
    Otherwise, if they continue to ask the same menial questions then Jack have every right to be annoy by it.

    Issue #2: Plot twist- Gavin, she was behind you the whole time watching you built it and learned from your mistake. So she knows what to do and how to do it better.

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