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Cantonese Corner 54

The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us three new idioms related to snakes and horses. Follow along with the lesson on DIU Pod 54 (starting at the 1:08:32 mark).

打草驚蛇 (daa2 cou2 geng1 se4)
An idiom about keeping the element of surprise. Literal translation: hit, grass, surprise, snake.

走馬看花 (zau2 maa5 hon3 faa1)
Refers to someone who doesn’t appreciate the true beauty of something because they are looking at something too quickly. Literal translation: run, horse, look, flower (you can’t see the flower clearly because you are riding a running horse).

露出馬脚 (lou6 ceot1 maa5 goek3)
Unintentionally giving away a crucial piece of information which screws you over. Literal translation: give, out, horse, feet.

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