DIU Pod 56

DIU Pod 56:

Gavin laments about the cruel nature of the world as he tells us about his new PC setup. We also hear from Jack about why DIU hasn’t setup our affiliate link with Christian Filipina yet (as discussed in the previous episode). 

Gavin retells his story from last night about an almost perfect night out at a restaurant. He was surprised to find that the total bill was not what he expected to pay. Should waiters tell customers about “additional fees” when it comes to ordering food? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Jack revives the love corner segment as we read anonymous posts from Subtle Asian Relationships. We go over some relationship insecurities and talk about 1) significant others who do everything for you and 2) dating someone only because you were their “second choice.” 

Afterwards, we learn three idioms in the Cantonese Corner. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here

Loose Ends

Jack came through and created the affiliate account. We’ll talk more about it next week, but feel free to support us by clicking through this link!

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0 

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