DIU Pod 58

DIU Pod 58

DIU Pod 58:

Jack shows his inner Grinch as he talks about how mediocre Christmas is. We also hear about how both hosts absolutely hate video games and swear to never play them again… until the next game comes around. 

Jack brings in a post from Facebook from a multimillionaire who is having trouble being social and forming relationships. He talks about how his work has taken up the majority of his time and his uninterest in material possessions. 

Gavin brings in a quiz that determines one’s “attachment style” and Jack answers the questions very candidly; talking about his family upbringing and past experiences. 

Afterwards, learn three more idioms from the Cantonese Ambassador in this week’s Cantonese Corner. Follow along with the segment by clicking here.

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Loose Ends

Take the Attachment Quiz here!

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3 Replies to “DIU Pod 58”

  1. HI Diu i have done the quiz and i am categorized as Dismissing type.but I didn’t get to the page where can let me know what it means lol
    oh just so you know the last episode Jack talked about the idiom: 一箭雙雕 we have another one called 一石二鳥 which’s the same as English

    1. Thanks for listening Layx. Here is a brief summary of the four styles:

      – Anxious / Preoccupied –
      For adults with an anxious attachment style, the partner is often the ‘better half.’ The thought of living without the partner (or being alone in general) causes high levels of anxiety.

      – Disorganized / Fearful-Avoidant –
      The disorganized type tends to show unstable and ambiguous behaviors in their social bonds. For adults with this style of attachment, the partner and the relationship themselves are often the source of both desire and fear.

      – Avoidant / Dismissive –
      These people have high self-esteem and a positive view of themselves. The dismissing/avoidant type tend to believe that they don’t have to be in a relationship to feel complete. They do not want to depend on others, have others depend on them, or seek support and approval in social bonds.

      – Secure –
      The secure attachment type thrive in their relationships, but also don’t fear being on their own. They do not depend on the responsiveness or approval of their partners, and tend to have a positive view of themselves and others.

  2. btw speaking of the hobby you say whatever the hobby is you need to get one and people will find you are interesting. i think there’s an exception. ‘Video games ‘. i don’t know if it’s different in Canada. but in TW most people will see this as an addiction not a hobby

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