DIU Pod 59

DIU Pod 59:

Spotify released their year-in-review and the DIU gang take a look at some of our numbers. We also talk about videogame addiction in Asia in continuation of our advice for a multimillionaire on DIU Pod 58. 

Gavin talks about the controversy surrounding the new Monster Hunter movie that arose because MC Jin improved a pun about being Chinese. The backlash around the pun resulted in the movie being pulled from the entire Chinese market. 

Jack talks about a video he watched from a Taiwanese YouTuber. According to the video, females in Taiwan believe that men between 27 – 29 are in their prime as sexual partners. This is because they possess a combination of youth and experience. Jack, worried about his decaying age, believes this is an issue because he is two years away from being thirty. 

Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us three idioms in the Cantonese Corner. Follow along by clicking here.  

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Loose Ends

Monster Hunter movie cancelled in China (via Deadline)

Video from 小哥哥艾理 about women’s ideal age for a sexual partner (via YouTube)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0 

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