DIU Pod 60

DIU Pod 60

DIU Pod 60:

The DIU Podcast gang meet one last time before the end of our third season and our break for the holidays. Gavin talks about his adventures selling a sleeping bag and how he was hustled by the promise of goodwill. 

We talk about recent updates to Twitch’s terms of service. Words such as simp, incel, and virgin will be monitored carefully by the online streaming community starting next month. Users who say these (popular) words in a harmful manner can be banned. The group discuss the dangers behind allowing words to be associated with negative connotations. On the other hand, we also discuss the dangers of banning words online. 

Jack continues to talk about his disdain for the holidays; most likely because he doesn’t like receiving gifts. According to Jack, he feels guilt-tripped when receiving a gift because he doesn’t have a present to give in return. Robin talks about the practical aspects of gift-giving. We hear about all the great presents Gavin has given Jack in the past… and add one more gift to that long list.

Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases related to the holidays. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here.

Thank you for listening to DIU Podcast, we will return after a short hiatus for the new season in early 2021. 

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Loose Ends 

Read about the reaction after Twitch’s announcement to ban the word simp (via Kotaku)

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Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0 


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