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Cantonese Corner 61

The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese vocabulary related to the game of Mahjong. Follow along with the lesson by listening to DIU Pod 61 (at the 1:12:49 mark).

麻將 (maa4 zoeng3)

索子 (sok3 zi2)
Bamboo suits (on Mahjong tiles)

筒子 (tung4 zi2)
Round suits

萬子 (maan6 zi2)
Numerical suits; 萬 (maan6) is the unit for 10,000; 1萬 is 10,000 & 2萬 is 20,000 and so on.

風 (fung1)
Wind (refers to the four compass directions on Mahjong tiles)

師奶 (si1 naai1)
Housewife; usually referring to a married woman without a job

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