DIU Pod 62

DIU Pod 62:

Gavin raves about his new favourite game, Ring Fit Adventures. Jack doesn’t think it will make a difference in his life. The DIU gang also talk about their most recent Twitch game night stream; a stream that notably did not feature Jack. 

Japanese politicians are proposing a four-day workweek that would severely help the people of Japan and combat COVID19. The gang discusses the benefits of a shortened work week and whether or not we would want that in Canada – even at the cost of reduced pay. We also talk about our favourite day to take off; let us know in the comments if you would rather have Monday or Friday off? 

Uncle Roger (Nigel Ng) returns as a topic for DIU Pod this week. Today, we discuss his latest controversy that happened after he and Mike Chen (Strictly Dumplings) collaborated for a video where they review dumplings. The video was deleted from his YouTube channel days later as it turns out Mike Chen has spoken against China in the past. Apparently, Chinese netizens were criticizing Uncle Roger for collaborating with an enemy of China. After removing the video, many people began criticizing Uncle Roger for bowing down to Chinese pressure. We discuss the whole situation and examine his apology letter. 

In the Cantonese Corner, we learn about some dumpling related words and other phrases related to the Uncle Roger topic. Follow along by clicking here.

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Loose Ends

Japan politicians propose a four-day workweek (via Nextshark)

Uncle Roger controversy with Mike Chen (via South Morning China Post)

Re-uploaded copy of the Uncle Roger/Mike Chen video (via YouTube)

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