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Cantonese Corner 63

The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us words related to the issues discussed on DIU Pod 63. Listen along to the listen by clicking here (starting at the  46:27 mark).

朱古力 (zyu1 gu1 lik1)

犯法 (faan6 faat3)
Breaking the law / committing crime

十六歲細路哥 (sap6 luk6 seoi3 sai3 lou2 go1)
16-year-old kid

十八歲細路哥 (sap6 baat3 seoi3 sai3 lou2 go1)
18-year-old kid

殺咗人 (saat3 zo2 jan4)
Killed someone

報告 (bou3 gou3)

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