DIU Pod 64

DIU Pod 64

DIU Pod 64: 

DIU Pod continues to bring the fire content for our fans despite a hectic week. Gavin talks about shocking himself everywhere throughout the home and the new uprising of the retail stock traders. 

The DIU Pod team created a Buy Me a Coffee page that allows fans, like you, to support the show. The gang talks about potential membership perks and extras that will make it worthwhile for the supporters. Check out our Buy Me a Coffee page!

Jack informs us that a 20+ year Cantonese class offered at Stanford University is on the brink of being cancelled. We discuss the importance of university-level Cantonese classes and the ramifications of their cancellation. We also discuss the difference between the diaspora Cantonese and Mandarin speakers as well as potential differences between their childhood.

Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases related to this week’s podcast. Listen along by clicking here

And don’t forget to check out Christian Filipina; help us out by clicking through this link if you’re thinking of joining the site.

Loose Ends

Sign the petition to save Cantonese at Stanford (via Google docs)

Op-Ed: Why “Save Cantonese at Stanford” matters (via the Stanford Daily)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0

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2 Replies to “DIU Pod 64”

  1. Helloo diu
    I am here to say i am willing to apply for the DIU ambassador on Taiwan’s branch. the reason why i keep listening to your show is not just because jack is one of my friends but i can learn english and things happen in the west from this sick ass podcast. language-wise, I think many Taiwanese like me are always seeking the material they can use to learn English. this is the best material for me to learn the authentic speaking approach.

    if i am the DIU ambassador, i will try to post and share the podcast in some of our mainstream media, probably i will try to organize a study group or something which can gather people who has the same interest in english. Create a discord server that people can discuss or discuss the part they don’t understand. they could even probably finish some assignments after listening to the show. i am convinced that you have made a great job on it and keep it greater in the future’s coming. so i am happy to promote this podcast to become big. as for the donation, I believe if the number of listeners is large enough. there must be part of them(1-5%?) can understand how much you put your effort in it and buy you barrels of beer.

    1. Thank you for your constant support Layx! Your comments keep us motivated to continue podcasting. We will definitely discuss this on DIU Pod 65 so give it a listen when it is available 😉

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