DIU Pod 65

DIU Pod 65

DIU Pod 65:

Kyle joins the DIU Pod gang today as we celebrate season 2 of WHAT KIND OF ASIAN ARE YOU? Podcast. We also read a comment from DIU Pod superfan Layx with an interesting proposal to start a DIU movement in Taiwan.

Jack talks about the impending double-holiday weekend with Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. At first, he complains that these holidays are too close to each other (and Christmas). Apparently, Jack is sick and tired of spending buckets of money during Chinese New Year. We also hear about his jealousy towards his Indian colleagues who get like five extra “cultural holidays” off per year. Meanwhile, Jack complains about how he only gets a half-day off on Chinese New Year. 

Gavin talks about the president of the Tokyo Olympics Committee Yoshiro Mori, and his recent sexist remarks. Mori claims that having more women on the committee would be annoying because they would take too much time to talk. He has since apologized but will not resign. Jack brings us around on a tirade about gender equity in the workforce. We also hear his opinions on women talking too much. Gavin brings in some studies and we discuss this stereotype. 

Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some phrases related to Chinese New Year. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here.

And don’t forget to check out Christian Filipina; help us out by clicking through this link if you’re thinking of joining the site.

Happy New Year from the DIU family to all our fans! 

Loose Ends

Tokyo Olympic Chief apologizes, but won’t resign (via CBC)

Harvard study on which sex speaks more (via Harvard)

(Feb 11 update) It appears at Mori will indeed quit his job (via SMCP)

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2 Replies to “DIU Pod 65”

  1. We got 12 public holidays this year, but i think we need to compare the whole paid leaves together.

    the vacation people can get is depending on the years of their service
    3 days (half year to 1 year), 7 days (1 year), 10 days (2 years), 14 days (3 to 4 years), 15 days (5 to 9 years), and one additional day per year until 30 days (10+ years)
    we do have SICK LEAVE, you can call in sick but you only get half payment

    marriage/funeral leave is 8 days
    maternity leave is only 8 weeks.

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