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Cantonese Corner 69

The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases related to the topics of DIU Pod 69. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here (starting from the 50:52 mark).

自殺 (zi6 saat3)
Commit suicide – literal translation: self-kill

嘥口水 (saai1 hau2 seoi2)
Wasting your breath – literal translation: wasting your saliva (mouth water)

禮物 (lai5 mat6)
Present / gift

多謝 ( do1 ze6)
Thank you (used when receiving a gift). Use 唔該 (m4 goi1) when someone does a service for you.

我愛你 Robin (ngo5 oi3 nei5) Robin
I love you, Robin


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