DIU Pod 69

DIU Pod 69

DIU Pod 69:

The DIU Pod gang gather in the studio to open their birthday presents from Robin. But before that, Gavin talks about how Jack bailed on their planned triple date. Jack talks about getting a hangover on the day following his birthday. 

9:20 – Rest in peace to Laoshu, a YouTuber who inspired Jack and countless others to learn languages. His sudden death due to heart complications was a tragic shock to fans everywhere.

12:21 – Jack talks about a new Facebook group he joined called the Black and Asian Alliance Network. His worldview gets changed! 

17:49 – Jeremey Lin gets called “coronavirus” by another player during a game. We talk about the situation and how he handled it. 

19:18 – in the episode’s first issue, we discuss the recent social media movement #StopAsianHate. Specifically, we talk about how Asian celebrities speaking out and encouraging the movement and how can “regular” Asians help the movement by spreading the word.

39:11 – A professional gaming team posted an insensitive meme on Twitter after losing in a qualifying match. The Tweet, which has since been deleted, seemingly pokes fun at a gamer who commits suicide because they lost a game. 

50:52 – The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases related to today’s lesson. Follow along by clicking here

55:18 – We open the gifts from Robin!

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Loose Ends

Rest in peace, Laoshu (via MEAWW)

The private Facebook group mentioned by Jack – the Black and Asian Alliance

Jeremey Lin gets called “coronavirus” (via the Guardian)

TSM under fire for insensitive Tweet (via Dexerto)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0

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  1. I am not sure but i think we talked about this before. i knew where jack’s from about why he said 多謝 when everything’s(dinner) done. it’s because you are not going to talk in a time span so you want to show your gratitude more sincerely. let’s say when you trying to help someone do something you got many steps to do. we shouldn’t keep saying 多謝 because it’s too much when we are going through those tasks, so in those steps, we would just say 唔該, and when the work is complete we’d like to give a sincere thanks for him we would say 多謝. in mandarin we said 多謝你的幫忙( Really thanks for your help)

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