DIU Pod 70

DIU Pod 70:

0:41 – NBA investigation results in identifying the other player who called Jeremey Lin “coronavirus” 

4:35 – Jack will review the Tenga egg sex toy eventually… but you can send us $50 and he will have the review asap. 

8:12 – Jack rants about the exclusive IOS app Clubhouse and how he can’t listen to MC Jin’s exclusive conversations with fans. 

13:40  – Eddie Huang recently criticized Jeremy Lin because he wasn’t vocal about Asians during his initial Linsanity hype in the 2011-2012 NBA season. Instead, Lin was very vocal about his evangelical views. We discuss these criticisms and whether or not Asians should be going after others like this.

32:46 – A luxury hotel in space is set to start construction in 2025, with expected operations beginning in 2027. We talk about whether a space hotel is needed during this time. Would you want to go to a space hotel? Let us know in the comments! 

47:24 – The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some vocabulary and an idiom based on the conversation of today’s issues. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here.

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Loose Ends

NBA investigation on the player who called Lin “coronavirus” (via HNHH)

Eddie Huang’s interview with Stephen A. Smith (via YouTube – 6:49 for Eddie’s comments on Jeremy Lin)

World’s first luxury space hotel set to open in 2027 (via Hypebeast)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0


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  1. after watched the video, i think Eddie Huang is not that bad.. he appreciate lin to stand out for asian. besides that he only said he is not a big fan of lin. i don’t see anything wrong with him. he supports Asian without a doubt.

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