DIU Pod 72

DIU Pod 72

DIU Pod 72:

0:00 – 75% of singles are a “fan of the Dad bod.”

3:15 – Jack talks about the differences between the two co-hosts (and calls Gavin a sheep?). 

7:49 – the gang talk about coffee, bubble tea, and other caffeinated drinks and its effects on our body.  

16:20 – Jack is distraught to hear about young children not being able to read analog clocks anymore. This has resulted in some schools deciding to remove analog clocks altogether. We discuss why Jack thinks analog clocks are important and why children do not know how to read them. 

30:16 – Gavin talks about the new Space Jam movie set to release in July. The Internet is angry because the new movie will feature a less sexualized Lola Bunny. We discuss why people are angry and whether or not this anger is justified.  

55:57 – the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases related to the issues discussed in this episode. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here.

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Loose Ends

75% of singles are a “fan of the dad bod” (via PR Newswire)

Schools are removing analog clocks because students can’t read them (via Shared.com)

The latest culture war is over the sexy ‘Space Jam’ rabbit Lola Bunny and her new toned-down design (via Insider)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0

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