Cantonese Corner

Cantonese Corner 74

The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases that he used during DIU Pod 74. Listen along with the lesson by clicking here (starting at the 1:07:48 mark).

控制唔到 (hung3 zai3 m4 dou3)
Can’t be controlled

溝通 (kau1 tung1)

新朋友 (san1pang4 jau5)
New friends

角度 (gok3 dou6)

好多野有考慮 (hou2 do1 je5 jau5 haau2 leoi6)
Lots of things to consider/evaluate 

無大無小 (mou4 daai6 mou4 siu2)
No respect for elders – literal translation: no big, no small 


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