DIU Pod 74

DIU Pod 74:

Tune in for another episode where Jack uses the podcast as a therapy session. This week, Jack abruptly leaves the DIU Podcast group chat in a fit of rage. Surprisingly we still record an episode half an hour after his departure from the group. Gavin tries to analyze the situation and Jack talks about how he is constantly being “ganged up” on. Tune in for this deep and emotional ride and get to know Jack better.

Afterwards, the Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases related to the topics of this week. Click here to follow along. 

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2 Replies to “DIU Pod 74”

  1. I feel like Jack really needs to understand that nothing is ever that “black and white.” Like, just because someone is “silent” does not mean that they automatically “agree” with you. To assume that is just a sign of ignorance and he clearly displays that with his “you’re either with me or against me” attitude. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion which means they are allowed to agree or disagree with you, and even stay neutral/silent if they wish to. He lacks the empathy to see things from other perspectives and because of this very point, what he says can easily be misinterpreted simply because he does not take into account either the mood of the room or the feelings of others or simply both these things. Getting “ganged up” on by his friends isn’t pretty nor is it right. He has every right to feel hurt about it and he should make it known that how he feels about it, not leave the chat room just because no one agrees with you. I do have to say though, that Gavin’s example is pretty spot on but I get the impression that Jack dismisses it simply because he’s trying to save face or because the example makes him out to be the bad guy and so he is trying to avoid being interpreted that way. However, the audacity that he has to state that it’s because he is “本性難改” shows that he has no sense of accountability for his actions and therefore lacks the maturity to maintain a “grown-up” conversation, whether it be about gun laws or the dominance of Mandarin. I get it, he had a rough upbringing, but that reason alone does not and should not excuse him for his actions now. Yes, it gives us, the listeners, insight on how Jack came to be charismatic love guru that we all know and love but given that it has been roughly over 10 years, the fact that he is still holding onto those memories as if they are some sort of leverage shows that his behaviour/mentality hasn’t changed much in those 10 years. Different people had different upbringings, some rougher than others, but at the same time people grow by moving forward, not holding onto the past. People grow by stepping into the shoes of others and understanding each other not proclaiming that their own experience trumps those around him (I know he didn’t proclaim that but that’s impression that I’m getting from this conversation). As sad as it would be to see Jack leave, I feel that this would also be a good opportunity for him to do some self reflecting and to maybe seek some sort of enlightenment. There are times when we have to take a step back, look at ourselves and think “how can I improve myself so that I can leave a more positive impact for those around me?” It’s always easier to point fingers at other people than to point at yourself. I hope that if Jack does decide to take a hiatus, that he will return to us and return to us as a better man than when he left. Love you guys and can’t wait to hear more D.I.U. !!!! Stay safe!!

    1. Thanks for supporting the show and giving your honest feedback on the situation. We always appreciate hearing another’s perspective on the issues we talk about. Stay safe as well!!

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