DIU Pod 76

DIU Pod 76:

0:00 – We introduce today’s Guest Speaker, Aaron. Hear about his backstory with Jack!

5:14 – we all talk about our experiences with the COVID nose swab test and our thoughts on closing the borders.

11:27 – As COVID vaccinations continue to roll out we discuss whether or not people will be willing to take the vaccine. We look at both sides of the vaccination argument and try to determine why there is so much hesitancy among the general public to get vaccinated. 

37:49 – We discuss a man in Japan who was arrested for tricking 35 girlfriends into giving him fake birthday presents. Tune in on this discussion as we decide whether or not we should be impressed or concerned.  

55:23 – The Cantonese Ambassador teaches us some Cantonese phrases related to the issues discussed today. Follow along with the lesson by clicking here!

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Loose Ends

Quebec woman dies from blood clot after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine; experts stress rarity (via CTV News)

Japanese man arrested for tricking 35 girlfriends into giving him fake birthday presents (via Yahoo News)

Jack mentioned how Japan is sex-deprived. Here are some numbers about that (via Vox)

Theme Music

Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for FreeCC By 3.0

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  1. In taiwan we call the guy who do the favors for girls in order to chase after them “工具人” which literaly means you are like a tool. they can use you as a tool to do the errands lol

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